art makeup – Transvestite Makeover Using Makeup For Male To Female Transformation

April 8th, 2010

Transvestite Makeover Using Makeup For Male To Female Transformation

Being transgendered in today’s world is growing more and more acceptable and for us lucky girls there is a whole new world opening up to us to express our true femininity and sexuality. Part of this is to be able to cross dress in a way which is passable and acceptable to the world we live. Having a new hairdo at your local salon or having a transvestite makeover or buying some great clothes at a local shop or online where the staff understand our needs and are transgender friendly.

Millions of people now like to cross dress and they want to learn how to do it properly so they can step into the other gender role, this includes dressing for the occasion having the skills to create the illusion from a very good male female makeover, or they want to learn voice feminization techniques and all of which helps to allow a smooth transition with very little heartache because we can blend in nicely to our everyday lives as a passable and accepted member of the female gender role. There are also those of us who wish to dress to kill, so to speak, and want to take the extreme makeup and clothes route and this would tend to steer toward the drag makeover person – we all have our special desires when it comes to male to female makeup makeover needs.

It is worth noting that clothing that can look great on a woman does NOT always look great on a transgender, transvestite, or cross dresser so please be aware of this and find transvestite clothing that makes you passable as a woman or doesn’t make you look to big, wide or tall.

As a man who wished to cross dress as a women and create the ultimate illusion of being a female or if you wish to be a woman (transsexual) then you will need to learn and master the art of a transvestite makeover. The art of the makeup makeover is to learn how to apply makeup, how much to apply and what makeup products to use to best suit the male skin types. Again, all skin types vary so it is a good idea to get some professional advice from a makeup artist or a good makeup makeover book or cross dressing guide. There are a few brilliant makeup guides which have been written by experienced transgender and cross dressers specifically for us and they are
worth buying as a good transvestite makeover is the no.1 starting point for being able to pass as a female. Note: There are a few really great makeup products for transgender people, and a lot of transvestites do use a makeup range called ‘Dermablend by Vichy’ which to me could be classed as a miracle product and one which I would not personally be without.

It is good to understand that learning to cross dress the correct way will take you on an enjoyable and lifelong journey and be one of discovery to your true inner self. However, when you first start out it can be common that you will be nervous or even over keen to dress in some outrageous clothes, shoes and makeup but you should bear in mind that not everyone will accept the way you look, at least not to start with, and you should be prepared for how others will react to you and if you are prepared for this then it will make it much easier to deal with the knock backs – don’t let anybody or anything put you off your dreams or ambitions as a transgender person.

By: Val Marks

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Ms Val Marks – A transitioned transsexual, Post OP, for some 15 years now, Webmaster with expertise in trans gender and transvestite makeover, supports the cross dressing guide for male to female gender transformations and is a professional style consultant.

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Gothic Décor – Enter The Dark Realm
 by: Michael Holland

Gothic décor is often associated with medieval designs, which is not
surprising considering the two are quite similar.

However the major difference between gothic and medieval, is that
gothic décor is usually much darker, and perhaps in a modern sense, a
little more “stereotypical”.

When it comes to gothic décor you need to think dark. Everything
considered gothic is void of bright colors. The major gothic colors
include black, deep purples such as eggplant or violet, black, deep
greens such as forest green, black, royal blue, black, crimson reds,
black, silver, and black-you get the idea.

Gothic décor themes will vary depending on what tastes your child
has. There are two basic gothic types that will be taken into
consideration here:

1. Traditional Gothic theme

2. Modern Gothic theme

The traditional gothic theme is one that consists of dark colors, and
is lightly based on the period that existed in Northern Europe
between the 12th and 15th century. A room fashioned in this type of
gothic décor often resembles that of a medieval dungeon or bedroom.
The following is only an example of what such a room could consist

* Dark paint or wallpaper on the walls

* 4-poster wooden bed with canopy and dark drapes

* A black tapestry with a different colored intricate design or symbol. Often such tapestries can also be used as bed covers.

* Various old oil paintings or wall hangings

* Small pewter statues of dragons, gargoyles, fairies, wizards, angels or ghouls, etc.

* Candle holders on the walls or for tables, often designed with dragons, etc.

* Themed incense burners

* Dark colored throne chair

* As well as various other accessories such as mirrors, lamps and clocks that are uniquely themed with dragons, gargoyles and so on.

As for the modern gothic theme, this type of gothic décor is far less
medieval, and much more “punk”. This is because modern Goths
associate themselves with current dark imagery that is found within
heavy metal/rock music and horror/cult movie classics. Here is an
example of a room that could appeal to the modern goth:

* Black painted walls

* Canopy bed

* Wall art such as posters of favorite rock bands, movies, old world or dark symbols, fantasy/folklore such as fairies, wizards, vampires etc.

* Small pewter statues of gargoyles, ghouls, skulls, fairies, fallen angels

* Low wattage lights / black lights

* Themed candleholders

* Themed incense burners

* Furniture painted black

* Black plastic, aluminum, or vinyl chairs

* Space with TV and Stereo system.

Although the above two examples are extreme, you should have a better
idea of what to look for, and expect, if your child is interested in
gothic décor.

Something else you may wish to look into, if your child would like a
gothic décor theme, is a wall mural. You don’t have to be an artist,
or even hire a professional to accomplish this task. All you require
is a simple image, which your child can choose from the internet or
elsewhere, and transfer it to transparency film.

Use a projector to display the image on the wall, and then copy and
paint to create the perfect gothic décor wall design that your child
can take joy in.

Don’t be afraid to explore the dark mysteries of gothic décor that
interest your child. Encourage their imagination; indulge their
desires for their room, even if it makes you cringe slightly to do
so. Remember, as long as you approve, there is no reason why you
both can’t be happy.

About The Author

Michael Holland is the creator of
and His
web sites offers lots of FREE decorating tips and ideas for
decorating your home.

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